Delight and Full

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March 8, 2022

Delight and Full

Greg's Delights is a delightful caterer, conveniently located in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, nearby Yonge Street and Steeles Avenue, close to the border of Toronto.

Greg's Delights began as a caterer at JRCC Rockford serving up kreplach (beef and chicken dumplings) to the local Jewish community.

All of the meat at Greg's Delights is Lubavitch Schita and under COR Supervision.

Greg's Delights serves up scrumptious and delicious Kavkazi food, with European food options.

Amongst the savoury delights are: smoked fish and herring and Morrocan fish (salmon).

Greg's Delights foods can be easily found in major supermarkets, such as: Sobey's where they feature: salads, side dishes, hot meals and frozen kreplach / meat dumplings.

You can also find Greg's Delights products at Fresh Co and at No Frills where they feature: soups in jars, frozen kreplach / meat dumplings, packaged salads; beets, corn, potatoes, babganoush, mixed vegetables, grilled vegetables and eggplant salad.

Highland Farms features the same food options for Greg's Delights items, except for kreplach/meat dumplings.

Greg's Delights regularly caterers parties and community events in line with customer's budget through which they build an affordable and relevant food menu.

Greg's Delights is a featured meat caterer at Chabad Romano shul in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Greg's Delights caters many types of events: Bris, baby naming, weddings, engagement parties, birthday party celebrations and frabrengens.

Get ready for Greg's Delights Shabbat package, which is coming soon.

Greg's Delights offers speciality food items: sausages in a blanket, deli sandwiches, Ruri beef sausages, lamb shish kabob, lamb plov.

Smoked fish, fish platters, salmon and mackerel are also on the menu at Greg's Delights.