Kosher In Many Ways

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May 3, 2019
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May 20, 2019

Kosher In Many Ways

As Jewish people we must set many standards, including how to eat properly. Kosher food must not be solely about Kosher supervision. We must eat the Kosher food in a dignified way, which is seemingly ‘kosher’ and the customer service for the delivery of the Kosher food must also be ‘kosher’.

In essence, the people eating the food and serving the food should be seen to be acting appropriately. While much of behavior in society is seemingly cold and indifferent and in some cases detached and rude, as Jews we must always strive to be the opposite, being warm, friendly and welcoming of others.

Customer service representatives, also known as cashiers and counter help, as well as waiters / waitresses and those involved in Kosher food preparation and distribution must be polite and upbeat, all the while smiling and setting a new and constant standard for quality service excellence.

Kosher, as an expression, has come to mean many other things, then just adherence to laws of Kashrut for food preparation and delivery. Kosher has come to mean being proper and acceptable. right and honorable. As Jews we must represent ‘Kosher’ as being proper and acceptable and correct, in terms of behavior and decorum.

A truly Kosher restaurant cannot rightly have sad or angry customer service staff. Even if the food is so called Kosher, if it is sold by people frowning and acting miserable, can the food be said to be ‘Kosher’ according to all definitions and meanings?

Kosher restaurants should ensure through proper (Kosher) training and acceptable motivation through best possible wages and bonuses that staff are encouraged to smile and be cordial and polite, at all times when providing service to customers. This strategy will ensure a truly Kosher experience at a Kosher restaurant. Let us all strive to Kosher in all ways possible!