Misnamed Kosher Dairy Bistro in Toronto

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October 2, 2019
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October 7, 2019

Misnamed Kosher Dairy Bistro in Toronto

Yeah. I said it. So what? Qool on Eglinton Avenue West does not currently serve milkshakes. Most of the food is hot, except for the salads and the fresh sushi. But I am greatly distressed that there is no ice cream served at Qool.

But a few weeks ago I went there and was overwhelmed with the massive portion of pasta, served in the macaroni and cheese platter, topped with sauce made with the Impossible burger meat sauce.

Due to the cheesy and zesty, rich flavored cheese sauce and the hearty helping of wholesome macaroni pasta, I was left speechless. I had to spend more than an hour and a half delighting in the decadent and delicious flavor of the macaroni and cheese, topped with Impossible burger meat sauce. The few garlic balls made this an enriching experience and added great flavor to an already diversely flavored dish.

I came later on in the day to sample Fettuccine in cheese sauce. along with a Chef’s salad. Rich and authentic tasting pasta. Fresh vegetables in the salad. Portion of Fettuccine was smaller than the macaroni though.

I am saddened that there are not yet milkshakes or ice cream available.

Soon I hope to return to try one of the listed burgers and the poutine was described as being very cheesy on the menu.

Overall a hot experience at a place called Qool, on Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto

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