A Food Spa for the Senses

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December 8, 2019
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October 7, 2020

A Food Spa for the Senses

Food Spa

Enjoy a steak dinner with fries as part of your food spa experience.

Imagine that you entered a spa for the senses. An urban oasis that tantalizes your taste buds, which surrounds you with scents of succulent and savory delectable delicious delights. This was my personal and perhaps unique experience, dining at an otherwise out of reach, upscale superb specialty Kosher restaurant.

I expected a costly experience, with small portions. Instead, I received a grand welcome by the owner who admitted me, even though I did not have a reservation, which is usually standard for diners at Maron Bistro. I was assigned a waitress that was knowledgeable about the listed specials and regular appetizers and main course items.

I chose a meal on my limited budget, knowing that this could be my once a year splurge on an expensive meal. I ordered a Pina Colada, Potato and Onion Soup, a 15 oz Beef Steak, Sticky Toffee Funnel Cake Dessert. I received all of the scrumptious foods I ordered, along with a glass vase filled with cool clear water and warm Panini Bread, along with freshly fried Potato Chips, paired with a garden fresh bean dip.

The Pina Colada beverage was served cold, frothy and topped with a slice of fresh pineapple and a cherry, pinned together with a decorative frilly cocktail toothpick. The Potato Soup was hearty and well blended. I could taste a rich flavor of creamy potato mixed with a hint of coriander or some other rare spice. But I could not find or taste any onion in the soup. This was a wonderful and most relaxing experience. The 15 oz Beef Steak was lean, moist plump and juicy, served with hot beef au jus on a bed of assorted grilled vegetables.

The Sticky Toffee dessert was a delight to the palate. A ‘mouthwatering experience’ is putting it mildly. I would highly recommend Marron Bistro, (which is conveniently located in Toronto, Canada, on Eglinton Avenue West, West of Bathurst on the North side of Eglinton Avenue), to any food connoisseur or family that wants to dine in a prime upscale atmosphere at a relatively reasonable price for Kosher food, in Toronto.