Mikvah Grand Opening

Bay Street Deli Scotiabank Centre
July 22, 2019
Kayla’s Fashion Show at the Royal Ontario Museum
September 10, 2019

Mikvah Grand Opening

More than 200 people attended the grand opening of a Mikvah to celebrate the grand opening of a new Mikvah in Toronto, in the Finch and Bathurst area.

The stunning and modern design of the Mikvah is a huge factor in fostering Family Purity amongst the dozens of young couples brought to the Chuppah by Rabbi Levi Yitzchok and Sarale Rabiski, and the hundreds of individuals associated with the Maon Noam Congregation.

The years of difficulty involved in obtaining the proper permits and professionals, and long year of obstacle-filled construction, finally culminated in a breathlessly gorgeous Mikvah!

The Mikvah Inauguration, an extremely elegant and meaningful event, gave justice to this crucial project, a Mikvah built under the supervision of Rabbi Trieger of New York and the guidance of Rabbi Dovid Schochat, Lubavitch Rav of Toronto, and Mikvah expert Rabbi Gershon Grossbaum.

The attendees were treated to a beautifully designed party and a delicious buffet graciously sponsored by Slice ‘n’ Bites, Milk & Honey, and Bubby’s Bagels.

Rabbi Dovid Bisk, MC, eloquently opened the program, explaining the value of every new Mikvah constructed, and this one in particular.

Rabbi Yaakov Chazan, father of Mrs. Sarale Rabiski, reminisced about the Mikvah his father secretly built in his cellar in Bolshevo, under the noses of the infamous Communist regime. “Mikvah is the foundation of the Jewish nation!” The world was a giant Mikvah at the very beginning of creation, and water has been the catalyst of purification since then.

Councillor James Pasternak addressed the crowd, and gave over greetings from Mayor John Tory. He discussed the vital role that religion and religious clergy play in maintaining a just, moral, and successful society, and how lucky we are here in Canada to enjoy religious freedom. He mentioned various activities that Lubavitch runs and is involved with in Toronto, and was thrilled with the newest addition – the Mikvah – to our wonderful city.

Mrs. Itty Chazan, the keynote speaker, passionately described the unique power of Mikvah, and miracles that have occurred upon observing this Mitzvah properly.

Head of Keren Hamikvaos, Rabbi Schwart, a major financial backing for Mikvahs around the world, shared his impressions of this Mikvah, and the hope that it will bring blessings upon those who will use it, and those who support it as well.

Rabbi Hirsch Rabiski, educational director of Maon Noam, then addressed the crowd with inspirational tidbits about the Mikvah.

Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Rabiski emotionally spoke of various incredible answers he received from the Rebbe throughout the difficult process, and different Miracle stories that happened to people that supported this Mikvah. He thanked a few of the individuals who played a large part in seeing this Mikvah become a reality.

Mrs. Sarale Rabiski then addressed the crowd, thanking their family who traveled from far and near to attend this event. She presented the incredibly hard-working and dedicated Mikvah designer, Tali Shteynberg, with a beautiful poem and Rebbe dollar, as well as an original painting depicting this Mikvah, surrounded by the actual tiles which Tali sourced from Canada, Spain and Italy.

Finally, Michael Levitt, MP, proud supporter of Jewish causes in Canada and Israel, shared his excitement for the new Mikvah, built in a time when Judaism is coming under attack all over the world. “We are proud to be Jewish!”

The guests at the event were excited to receive the “Mikvah Meditations” by Chana Shloush, a beautiful book, at the conclusion of the event.

The crowd then walked over to the Rabiski home, where the Mikvah is located, for a grand ribbon cutting and the unveiling of the plaques, original artwork depicting our Patriarchs and Matriachs, dedicated to the supporters of the Mikvah. They all enjoyed a delicious dessert buffet and Yoram, the contractor, described his feelings about working for this unique project, a project he undertook with his whole heart and soul.

Most exciting of all was the reactions on the faces of the many young women present upon seeing the completed, gorgeous Mikvah. May it be used and may it draw down unlimited blessings for everyone involved! May it hasten the coming of Moshiach, when Hashem “will pour pure waters” upon us all, may it happen speedily!