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March 7, 2022
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Beyond Delicious Food for All

Beyond Delish catering, is a Kosher caterer in Richmond Hill, located inside the JRCC of South Richmond Hill synagogue, where the Rabbi is Avraham Zaltzman. 

The two proud owners of Beyond Delish Catering are Rita and Marina. 

They each have twenty years of experience in the cooking business. They are two mothers, with large families. 

The reason that they decided to open the Beyond Delish Catering company was due to them wanting to do something positive for the local Jewish community. 

“G-d just opened the door for us” – Rita (co-owner of Beyond Delish Catering). “It is a pleasure to make food for the Jewish community.” 

At Beyond Delish Catering they offer ‘Keto friendly’ diet options, as well as gluten free options. 

At Beyond Delish Catering, the food is beyond delicious and very healthy. 

Beyond Delish Catering is the exclusive caterer for Chabad Richmond Hill shul. They have catered events for other shuls too! Beyond Delish Catering has catered celebratory and community events for Maon Noam shul, in Maple, Ontario and will be catering the Purim menu for Tent City Jewish Congregation, in Innisfil, Ontario. 

Among the various culinary food options provided by Beyond Delish Catering, include: an international menu of Kavkazi culinary delights. The food choices often include: meat and rice dishes. Kavkazi cuisine is food crafted using ‘centuries old’ recipes from Azerbaijan; also known as ‘food from Baku’. 

Among the delectable delicacies in the ‘Kavkazi repertoire’: are savory dishes, made from fresh healthy ingredients, like green spinach and coriander, which are used to craft the Kutab. 

Both Rita and Marina have even done home cooking meal plans for doctors. Kavkazi food from Beyond Delish is just what the doctor ordered. 

Beyond Delish Chefs have cooked food for the Chabad Yeshiva and prepared daily meal plans for Chabad Lubavitch Day Camps for more than 18 years. 

Marina, one of the owners of Beyond Delish catering, has a Baking background and received a college diploma in 1989 from Baku. 

Rita ran a location of Open Window Bakery, at Bathurst Street and Sheppard Avenue West, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Beyond Delish Catering offers a superb Shabbat Meal Package for only $150, which feeds 4 to 6 guests. The Shabbat Package comes with basmati rice, in a 9” by 11” inch tray. 

The Shabbat Package is served up with scrumptious beef and rice cabbage rolls, along with hearty chicken soup, with vegetables. 

The Shabbat Package also comes with three salads: coleslaw, potato salad and spicy eggplant. Of course the Shabbat Package comes adorned with freshly baked challah and a bottle of premium sparkling grape juice. 

The Shabbat Package can be ordered with special selections of main courses of Chinese Food, such as chicken chow mein or stir fry beef, with sweet chicken plov. 

Beyond Delish Catering features yummy food selections, from: fried beef quesadilla, beef kutab to spicy jalapeno poppers and savory salads. 

I had the good fortune of sampling the superb delights of the Beyond Delish menu recently, at a working interview, as a ‘Foodie’ for and the Eat Kosher group, on Facebook. I found that the food was beyond delicious. The tastiness of the food was nearly indescribable, except to say that it was scrumptious and savory, but made light, to melt in your mouth, with every bite!