LIPA FOODS Desserts to Savour

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LIPA FOODS Desserts to Savour

Beloved Foods Lipa Foods

Lipa Foods.

Beloved Foods

Desserts For All to Savour!

There is a new patisserie in the Greater Toronto Area. It rests at the border of the City of Vaughan and the City of Toronto. Nestled by a forest, with food as fresh as the morning Sun.

A few weeks ago, I went to meet the owner of Lipa Foods, Mr. Cujic, to find out the impetus behind the Pastry Chef that was responsible for crafting culinary delights, such as: sweet and flaky baklava, savory brownies, glazed and spiced nuts of different varieties and delectable cookies, such as ginger cookies (made with real ginger).

I had been at a community celebration at a local shul where all of the noted superb, scrumptious sweet items were served up in ample supply. I had not heard of the brands listed on the packages of the delightful desserts before this event. Curious to know the source of the superb snacks, I sought out to find and interview the owner of Lipa Foods.

Upon calling Mr. Cujic, he easily agreed to a meeting. I wanted to see the preparation area and the office of the pastry bakery. Mr. Cujic invited me to the Lipa Foods bakery. He gave me a full tour of the preparation area and we had a meeting in the boardroom.

In reply to my inquiry as to why Lipa Foods was started, Mr. Cujic replied: “I noticed that there was no kosher baklava in the market.” Baklava is popular in the Middle East and Southern Europe.

I asked: “How did you start?” He replied: “I invested my personal savings and took out a few small loans. I rented a small production space and grew from there. I found this new larger space at a lower price than the first space. Here I have ample preparation space and office space. Now I am located closer to the Jewish community, which is my main market of consumers, since my pastries and dessert foods are kosher. But many non denominational restaurants, banquet facilities and stores sell my products as well.”

Lipa Foods features three kinds of oatmeal cookies: belgian chocolate, cranberries and raisins.

All of the products crafted by Lipa Foods are pareve and under the kosher supervision of Montreal Kosher. As a former Mashgiach of more than nine years, Mr. Cujic ensures a strictly Kosher facility that provides only Parve products, made from fresh kosher ingredients, in all of his products.

Lipa Foods is a family owned and operated business with all family members involved in the food service. One of Mr. Cujic’s sons is one of the Pastry Chefs, along with Ms. Cujic. Mr. Cujic’s daughters are creative artists that have an innate ability to draw delightful sketches and caricatures. Their art will be used to illuminate celebratory cards for gift baskets for Purim, Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays.

If you have not yet sampled any of the featured food offerings of Lipa Foods, then today is not too soon to do so!

Lips Food products are currently sold at select Metro supermarket locations, Toronto. Lipa Foods products will soon be sold at Sobeys, on Clarke Avenue West, in Thornhill, Ontario; Freshco at Bathurst and Steeles; Kosher City Plus and at Savours Fresh Market, at Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue West, in Toronto.

Order online. Visit: Lipa