Kosher and Quality

Kosher In Many Ways
May 8, 2019

Kosher and Quality

Food Spa

Enjoy a steak dinner with fries as part of your food spa experience.

Is Kosher food better than non-kosher food? If so, how is it better? Let us ask a few questions to determine, first of all what it means for food to be better.

Firstly, does kosher mean quality? Is there special quality assurance procedures that area unique to kosher supervision? Does kosher mean clean and sanitary cooking area / kitchen and preparation areas?

Is kosher food of a higher quality and enriched standard? How does kosher food fare, versus non-kosher equivalent for the same food items?

Why must kosher food always cost more money than non-kosher food of the same variety?

Are there alternatives to current kosher supervision that would be suitable to maintain the kosher standard, which are not yet being utilized?

Is there a kosher monopoly? Is there a fair market environment for all kosher food providers for both dairy and meat products? Is there any nepotism between kosher governance and kosher food service providers?

Can all caterers, restaurants and factories that want to be certified as kosher also afford to become and stay kosher?

Is there a kosher relief fund for kosher restaurants and caterers that fall on hard times. There should be a fund that caterers and restaurants to rely on from which they could borrow money, during slow business periods, so they would still be able to afford kosher supervision.