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Best Beef Burger in Toronto

I wonder about the ingredients in the Beef Burger at Shalom India: Is the main ingredient love? How do they do it? They make a burger taste like a Kefta Kabob.

Initially, I ordered the Mumbai Burger, on a burger bun. Then I ordered a second beef burger. This time, though, I requested that the burger be served on Nan bread. This offered an unreal difference in taste. Like a fusion of multiple tastes to savor.

Just by seeing the burger, dressed with toppings and covered in curry sauce, was a mouthwatering and multi-sensory experience.

The combination of the soft, thick and warm Nan bread, coupled with even softer beef burger seemed to nearly overwhelm my taste buds. I am getting hungry now; even while I write this review. I might need to pause to get another beef burger from Shalom India.

But I ponder – when will there be burger combo, which includes Masala fries and a soft drink (pop or juice or Snapple), with one of the Beef Burger choices, at Shalom India?

How about onion rings, as choice option, as a side dish to accompany a Beef Burger or another item, at Shalom India?

In my opinion, the Masala fries should be served with a thick and zesty curry sauce (great for dipping chips). The owner of Shalom India, suggested that a chutney sauce, to be used for dipping fries or other food items at the restaurant. He said that one of the chutney sauces contains mint and coriander. “Talk about taste beyond flavor!”

If you order a Beef Burger of any variety choice, at Shalom India, I doubt that you can eat only one of them.

Let us discuss what makes a great burger. A good burger must be hearty and juicy, as well as be thick but soft and be rich in flavor. A great burger is similar, but will also be nicely spiced and served up with savory sauces on the best hot and fresh bread.

Shalom India has gone beyond Indian cuisine and has now launched a battle for the best beef burger. Who will rise to meet them on the food battlefield? Are there any real burger contenders?

Time to take a bite out of burger! Yummy.

It is time to enjoy a slice of real flavor in life!