Spectacular and Tasty Grand Opening

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January 27, 2020
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January 20, 2022

Spectacular and Tasty Grand Opening

Doctor Laffa Restaurant

Eat better.

A meeting of the minds. Meat and dairy in one place. Well not exactly in the same space. What am I talking about?

I am proclaiming that Toronto has a new Kosher Dairy restaurant with a Kosher Bakery and an adjoining Kosher Meat restaurant. There is a separation barrier with a gate between the two restaurants, which are both located at the same geographical location; being 2 Champagne Drive, Toronto, Ontario. On the South side of Finch Avenue, just West of Dufferin Street.

This is possibly the first time that a full sit down Kosher Dairy and joined Meat Restaurant has graced the Toronto landscape. But there were other similar attempts, such as Oasis Cafe, at First Canadian Place, in downtown Toronto. Oasis was not a full sit in restaurant. There were a few seats. But I believe the seated space was solely for Dairy items. Meat items were solely available for takeout.

Dr. Laffa’s new location has a Kosher Bakery, featuring Israeli Bagels, which seem to be much larger and longer than any other bagels that I have tasted. They are covered with sesame seeds. Yummy! There are also many delicious dairy and Pareve baked goods.

The authentic Italian Espresso, prepared using a high quality Espresso machine, is exquisite.

I have yet to try the Caesar Salad, but hope to do so soon. I believe that there will soon be French Onion Soup on the dairy menu.

The meat menu is similar to that of the other Dr. Laffa locations; specifically in line with the full sit in menu offered at the main location in Clarke Avenue, in Thornhill; including a grilled Salmon dinner, offered with various options for sides; including grilled vegetables.

I highly recommend that you try the Sfinge Israeli dessert (also known as Moroccan donuts).

Most impressive is the spacious environment, which is brightly lit and resembles an upscale fusion restaurant.

There is a planned official Grand Opening on Friday, October, 16, 2020, at 12 pm, featuring representatives from the municipal and Provincial government, as well as distinguish leaders of the Jewish community. Location: 2 Champagne Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. South side of Finch Avenue, West of Dufferin.