Kosher Chinese Food Mystery

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May 3, 2019
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May 8, 2019

Kosher Chinese Food Mystery

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Kosher Chinese food is a rare but available option.

Straight talk on Kosher Chinese food in Toronto.

Just yesterday I dined at Golden Chopsticks. I immediately noticed that the interior had been renovated, since my last visit.

Unimpressed with the high cost for so-called daily lunch specials, I ordered the Beef Curry with Mixed Vegetables. The food came out of the kitchen quite quickly and perhaps to fast.

Immediately on surveying the surface of the meal I noticed that there was no Beef at all in the container. I continued to eat and savored the delicious medley of exotic vegetables in a thin but authentically tasting curry sauce.

As I continued to eat, I did notice two small pieces of Beef and a slight sliver of Beef the size of pin.

Upon paying for my meal I complained to the owner’s wife about the extreme scarcity or lack of Beef, to which she replied next time you need to let me know as soon as you receive the meal or when you first start eating it. That way I can show the Kitchen Manager the meal, as it is upon being given to you.

I was still requested to pay the full cost of the meal, being approximately $15. I was surprised that I was not given a price for a vegetable meal, since in essence that is what I was really served.

Next time I will perhaps pay the $8 difference get the light tasting, but quite filling Mongolian Beef meal at Bali Laffa, which is composed of more Beef than noodles. A truly better value.